In January 2020, Bijouterie Hoffmann, Catwalk and Tommy’s were taken over by the third generation, Roxann Hoffmann and her husband Jeff Costa. They are carrying on the Hoffmann story and family tradition, serving their customers to a very high standard and to the best of their ability.

Generation 3.0

Roxann Hoffmann & Jeff Costa

We are sure however, that by them bringing their own uniqueness, love of jewelry and watches, an up to date service, their positive and hardworking attitude and their team to help them, that they will continue to carry on the Hoffmann name with pride. So if you are looking for a beautiful jewel or a unique watch, we are sure they will be able to help.


Shortly afterwards, “CATWALK” was opened in the shopping center Copal in Grevenmacher. Catwalk is a jewelry, fashion jewelry and watch shop, offering many cool and trendy marks in a much more modern atmosphere. It also offers jewelry and watchmaker repair services.


In 2005, he then opened another business vis a vis. This was a two story home ware shop which has been including many decoration brands such as Villeroy&Boch, Gilde, Leonardo to name just a few. During 2018, “Tommy’s” received a facelift and recreated itself as a lifestyle shop, this included then selling also fashion watches and jewelry as well as other accessories and decoration in a more relaxed ambience.

Tom Hoffmann

In 1996, Tom Hoffmann, Gusty and Juliette’s eldest son, who is also a master watchmaker, took over the family business at Grand Rue 1 and innovatively included to the service of the shop, by directly hiring a master jeweler who with the customers input, handcrafted many pieces over the years and provided an excellent repair service for them too.

This was one of the many important ideas that had motivated Tom Hoffmann over the years, being able to provide the best service possible for his customers, and it still is today. Three jewellers and a watchmaker under one roof, working to give the best service they can to each and every client.

Synonym for parquet clocks

They also sold Grandfather clocks and wall clocks amongst others, the first jeweller in Luxembourg to do so.

The beautiful, elegant clocks sold so well, that after closing, Gusty and Juliette Hoffmann had the task of packing the over 2 meter long clocks and delivering them to their new owners, wherever they might live.  This included many kilometers over the borders of Germany, Belgium and France and due to the fact that US soldiers were stationed in the area by the time, many of these clocks can now be found in America, transported by Icelandair or Cargolux.


Then, the Spuerkees Bank situated on the “Prosteneck” decided to move and the couple took the risk to buy the building and establish their business there. It was a much bigger shop, giving them more possibilities.

Their shop was selling by the time, lots of solid gold items such as necklaces and bracelets, many adorned with precious gems, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds etc. and large heavy watches as it was the fashion in the 60’s. They also sold porcelain, solid silver cutlery and other household items, particularly from the brand Christofle.

Since 1956

Bijouterie Hoffmann in Grevenmacher was founded in 1956 by Gusty Hoffmann and his wife Juliette. He was known as the “Gëllen Gusty” (Golden Gusty). It was a very small shop originally in the Trierer Strasse.

Times were, in the beginning, hard for the young couple even though he was a master watchmaker and his wife a born sales woman, but eventually after a difficult start, more and more customers came to them from all the villages around and the business got better.

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