The goldsmith workshop in our own house.

In 1996 Tom Hoffmann included a jewelry atelier as part of his reprise of the shop from his father.

He wanted to give the clients the best service he could in both jewelry and watch repair services. Since then many national & international goldsmiths have given this highly specialized workshop its reputation.

In our jewelry stores you can create a jewel of your desire with these artists even using your old gold or any inherited jewelry including any diamonds or other precious stones and it is always a new challenge for us and a pleasure to see our clients happy with the end result.

Roxann Hoffmann is qualified through her diamond seminairs and diamond grading courses. She will be pleased to introduce you to this sparkling and shining world.

Crown for the Queen of Luxembourgish wine

Crown for the Queen of Luxembourgish wine

The size of the crown is brilliant symbolizing the villages hosting vineyards and wine growers along the Luxemburgish Moselle, all set in 18-carat yellow gold.

The outlines of the Grand Duchy hand-cut on a solid 925 sterling silver plate have once again been carefully silvered and rhodium-plated to guarantee its finest brilliance. The Moselle region of Luxembourg is made of a massive 18-carat yellow gold plate, in which are set diamonds and blue sapphire.
Some pieces of yellow gold have been sanded, others are polished mirror. The same was done with the leaves of vines made of solid silver. They were sanded and again silvered in order to receive as a result this bright color opposing the sparkling brilliance of the bunches of grapes in polished solid silver.
Both sides of the lizards are also handmade in solid silver and again silvered. We meet these small animals frequently in the walls of the old picturesque vineyards, reason why they were reserved a little corner on our masterpiece.


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